2016 Platte Valley Roller Vixens

Dame VonSlapavitch

#59 / Bench Mama
Lovingly referred to as "Mama Dame" by her teammates, this mama Vixen WILL protect her pack!

Florence Welts

#90s / Pivot
Florence is a Machine. And a Roller Derby (Yas) Queen.



Velma Vandal

#24 /

Alexis Bleedel

She left the Gilmore Girls, strapped on some skates, and now is a one woman blood mobile.

Gail Force Winds

#55 / Jammer

Cluster Chuck

#18 / Blocker
Just skating around... hitting people

Maestra Maul

√144 / Blocker
I suffer from mephobia... Look it up.

Cream Ur Soda

#12oz / Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Her name is sweet & fizzy, but she'll leave you bruised & dizzy.

Kate Winslam

#89 / Blocker

Inspect Her Gadget

#98 / Not a Jammer

Mentally Ska'd

#88 / Jammer
I like to skate.

Jawbreaker Hollipop

#8:38 / Blocker
Mama Said Knock You Out


#32° / Jammer
She can sink the Titanic. She's so cool, she's the Iceberg.

Irish Assassin

#36 / Blocker
Hit me with your best shot!

Venus the Victorious

#N0H8 / Jammer
All Love, No Hate

Pain'N the Abbi

#k9 / blocker/jammer
Derby was on my list of things I must do! I can tell you one thing, it's everything I hoped it would be!