2016 Platte Valley Roller Vixens

Pain'N the Abbi

#k9 / blocker/jammer
Derby was on my list of things I must do! I can tell you one thing, it's everything I hoped it would be!

Velma Vandal

#24 /

Mentally Ska'd

#88 / Jammer
I like to skate.

Gail Force Winds

#55 / Jammer

Dame VonSlapavitch

#59 / Bench Mama
Lovingly referred to as "Mama Dame" by her teammates, this mama Vixen WILL protect her pack!

Alexis Bleedel

She left the Gilmore Girls, strapped on some skates, and now is a one woman blood mobile.

Cluster Chuck

#18 / Blocker
Just skating around... hitting people



Kate Winslam

#89 / Blocker


#32° / Jammer
She can sink the Titanic. She's so cool, she's the Iceberg.

Florence Welts

#90s / Pivot
Florence is a Machine. And a Roller Derby (Yas) Queen.

Venus the Victorious

#N0H8 / Jammer
All Love, No Hate

Jawbreaker Hollipop

#8:38 / Blocker
Mama Said Knock You Out

Cream Ur Soda

#12oz / Jammer, Blocker, Pivot
Her name is sweet & fizzy, but she'll leave you bruised & dizzy.

Inspect Her Gadget

#98 / Not a Jammer

Irish Assassin

#36 / Blocker
Hit me with your best shot!

Maestra Maul

√144 / Blocker
I suffer from mephobia... Look it up.