The League

[lead]The Platte Valley Roller Vixens were founded on June 3, 2011.
We are an all female flat track roller derby league based in central Nebraska.[/lead]

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The Platte Valley Roller Vixens, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit, skater-managed organization dedicated to developing and promoting the sport of women’s roller derby through training skaters for local, national and inter-league competition. The Platte Valley Roller Vixens (PVRV) focuses on forming strong community ties through volunteerism and service. We are committed to being positive role models in our community through displays of athleticism, good sportsmanship, and volunteerism.

All members are dedicated to contributing in 66 percent attendance of PVRV designated 501(c)3 organizations events and fundraisers throughout the central Nebraska area. PVRV believes this spirit of volunteerism builds strong communities and a lifetime of community service.

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We aspire to create a community of skaters that advances the sport of women’s roller derby and expands opportunities for all women to participate. All league members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their work with in the league. Men are also welcome to participate in the league in a variety of other positions such as referees, coaching, and non skating officials.

We promote athletics by providing an outlet for adult women to participate in competitive amateur sports. Our purpose is to provide the general public an opportunity to advance personal skills, mentor other women and participate in an amateur sport at a caliber of athleticism not normally provided to adult women.

We are a diverse group of skaters of every shape, size, sexual orientation and marital status. PVRV members include teachers, mental health professionals, waitresses, newspaper editors, computer technicians, nurses and many other professions. We foster the empowerment of women through promoting and playing our sport. We are committed to democracy and participation; everyone has a say in league decisions and our committees are empowered to make our league the best it can be. We also have democratic and regular elections for league positions such as our leadership officers and Board of Directors.

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The Platte Valley Roller Vixens was officially born as the Tri City Rolling Thunder in June 2011 with roughly 20 founding members. In January 2012, when the business structure of the league began to take shape, six members stepped up into leadership positions and created the board of directors. Tri City Rolling Thunder practices and training had begun in June 2011, with skaters, coaches and referees participating in three two hour practices each week. The Tri City Rolling Thunder had their first official “bout” in January 2012 in Norfolk, Neb., which was when the league was introduced to the community. At this time, the league began to participate in volunteer activities in the community, like highway clean ups, Relay For Life activities, fundraisers for local families in need, raising money and canned goods for the local food bank, and other similar activities. Tri City Rolling Thunder hosted its first home bout July 20, 2012, establishing a local presence with the first win for the league.

In September 2012, after receiving some feedback from the international roller derby community regarding the similarity of “Tri City Rolling Thunder” to another Canadian League’s name, it was determined, through a board of directors vote, that the league name should be changed. In September 2012, all currently active league members voted on the name Platte Valley Roller Vixens. Most of the original leadership was maintained throughout this change and, with the assistance of an attorney hired by the league, board bylaws were established and the league was registered with the Secretary of State in Nebraska.

All PVRV sponsored events are funded through member dues and money raised via home bouts and fundraising events. Since inception, PVRV has raised money for The Humane Society, the Crisis Center domestic violence shelter, participated in fundraisers to raise funds benefitting St. Jude’s, served dinner at the local VFW, and participated in a fundraisers for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, activities that benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life, as well as continued to maintain a two mile strip of Highway 30 by doing trash clean up.

PVRV will continue to participate in “giving back” to our communities by assisting those agencies in fundraisers and volunteering our time. The league has continued to maintain a democratic approach to all league decisions. All active members are expected to serve on a committee to assist in running of league business, participate in a percentage of league activities and make public appearances.