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Meet & Greet at the End Zone

by Florence Welts

Join the team at the End Zone in Grand Island on Saturday Jan 19, 8:00 pm for karaoke, giveaways, and fun! We’ll be raffling off t-shirts and tickets to our bout against the Norfolk Bruizin’ Bettys at 7 p.m. Jan 26 at the Heartland Events Center in Grand Island. Tickets are $12 (plus tax) and...

Meet and Greet at Conestoga Mall

by Florence Welts

Join us for the meet and greet of this year at the Conestoga Mall in Grand Island on Saturday Jan 12, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Come on down and meet your 2013 Vixens, learn more about roller derby, and win free stuff! We’ll be raffling off t-shirts and...

Website Change

by Alexis Bleedel

As most of you are already aware we have changed our name from the Tri-City Rolling Thunder to the Platte Valley Roller Vixens. This has also cause a change in our web address.  If you came here from visiting THANKS! Please note the change in your address bar...

First bout of 2013, tickets now on sale!

by Florence Welts

GRAND ISLAND — Tickets for the Platte Valley Roller Vixen’s first bout of the season are now on sale. Get ready for some roller derby action as the Platte Valley Roller Vixens take on the Norfolk Bruizin’ Bettys at 7:30 p.m. Jan 26 at the Heartland Events Center in...

2nd Annual Holiday Bake Sale!

by Florence Welts

Last year we held our first Holiday Bake Sale, and because it was such a success we’ve decided to do it again! With the holidays approaching quickly, we want to help out our friends by reducing your stress of baking for others by letting us do it FOR you!...

Zombie Pub Crawl!

by Florence Welts

Good news! If you missed out on all the fun of the Mustache & Hotpants pubcrawl we held in July with the Tri-City Predators rugby league, we’re teaming up again and we’ll be back on the bricks in downtown Kearney,  November 10th with our “Crawl Where You Fall Zombie...

2012 League Awards

by Florence Welts

Our first annual league awards ceremony took place Saturday night at Old Chicago in Kearney. The Platte Valley Roller Vixens left the skates at home for a night and dressed up in their best derby formal wear to celebrate accomplishments made in the 2012 season (our first!) and to...

We’ve got a big announcement!

by Florence Welts

Kearney’s premier derby team is getting a whole new look and name for the 2013 season. Unbeknownst to us, a derby league out of Canada had a very similar name to Tri City Rolling Thunder and the similarities were causing some confusion this season when scores were being posted...

Wanted: Practice Space!

by Florence Welts

We need a new home! The team is looking for a new practice space where we can hold practice 3x a week. We can skate on a variety of surfaces including polished concrete, wood, and sport or skate court. The track itself is an 88′ long and 53′ wide...

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