Skate with the Rolling Thunder!

Join us at Skate Island, Saturday Aug. 4th, to get on some wheels and a chance to talk to rollergirls about becoming a skater!

No previous experience is necessary, mastering basic skating skills, proper hitting technique and the rules that make the sport of roller derby can all be learned!

Come to find out how to get involved with the league!



Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I haven’t been on skates since Junior High? Don’t I have to be a great skater to even attempt Roller Derby? Nope. A lot of us haven’t been on skates for years. Some of us had never skated before EVER. We all start out at different skill levels, but at our practices we teach everyone the skills to skate Derby Style. Don’t worry, just wear your protective gear and take it slow at first. Being a derby girl is a lot more than just being a good skater; although we will primarily be looking for basic skating skills, we also look at your potential as a derby girl. Also, have no fear, we don’t let our skaters do contact (hitting), until they have passed safety assessments.

What if I’m really big? Don’t you have to be athletic and in shape to be in Roller Derby? Get out of here! Big girls are hard to push around and make for great blockers. Skating on a Roller Derby team will most likely get you in the best shape of your life!

What if I’m really little? Don’t you have to be big and burly to be in Roller Derby? No way! The smaller girls are, generally speaking, the faster girls and are usually placed in the Jammer position as team scorers. They are squirrelly, quick, and easy to whip around the rink, and generally fall down less, since they have a lower center of gravity.

How much does it cost & what equipment do I need? The biggest expense will be for your equipment, monthly dues and health insurance. Once you join there will be dues $25/mo (or $50 for 3 months) which will go towards renting practice spaces, and league insurance. Remember we are a non-profit league, so no one is on salary and every penny has to go back into the league.

How much of my time will it take up? Roller Derby is a big commitment: it’s like a second (or third) job. You’ll be expected to attend league practices for two hours once a week to begin and three times a week when you start to advance; everyone is expected to help at bouts and other official events and fundraisers.

We are a skater run organization; so don’t forget about being on a committee and attending a few meetings! We’re not telling you this to scare you, but we want to be honest. Any skater will tell you that it is totally worth it, and think of all the great people you’ll meet! We require you participate in 66% of practices/meetings/activities, when we are holding regular practices or benefits; we will give you advanced notice of when they are.

This team is DIY and relies on its members to form and support the league. Your teammates will also rely on you to be involved in order to play the game. You will miss out on important skills if you don’t attend practices. We encourage people to spend any time with the league as they can, finding sponsors, working on promoting, getting press coverage, making videos… whatever!

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