Fresh Meat 2017 – First Practice!

Our first Fresh Meat practice is coming up next Sunday, November 12th in the Swine Arena at Fonner Park in Grand Island!

If you missed one of the open-house recruiting events, don’t worry! It’s not to late, you can still come to this first practice. We’ll be there from 3:00-4:30pm, and we’ll be starting with some off-skates stuff. Even if you don’t have any gear yet, there will still be things you can do, and we’ll also have some extra gear on loan from other skaters you may be able borrow.

Some other helpful information can be found below.

About Training

Fresh Meat FAQs:
Tips on buying new & used skates, here.


What you need:
See our equipment guide here!


First Practice:
A quick checklist of what to wear and bring, here.

Don’t forget to reach out with other questions if you have them! We want to help you prepare for your first practice as much as possible.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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