Bout Recap: Vixens come from behind to take win over CKRG!

Over Easter weekend the Platte Valley Roller Vixens met up with Central Kansas Roller Girls, for their second home game of the season at Fonner Park in Grand Island.

57005155b3e1c.imageDue to injuries, and absences due to the holiday, both teams came to the game with guest skaters subbing in to round out their rosters. Aiding the Vixens were three skaters from the No Coast Derby Girls “Road Warriors” team: Wrexx, Nyx Fury, and Ivanna Poundher.

Games between these two teams have always been barn burners, and this one was no different. Though Central Kansas took the lead early, with 86 points to end the first half over Platte Valley’s 48, the Vixens chipped away at the deficit during the second half, holding CKRG at 144 points for three scoreless jams, and ultimate tying the game up in the second to last jam.

Though CKRG secured lead in that last jam, the Vixens jammer managed to get out and pick up 6 points while PVRV’s blockers held the Central Kansas jammer to only 5 points, securing the victory for the orange and black in the last seconds of the game.


Our guest skaters, Nyx Fury and Wrexx took home Most Valuable Blocker and Jammer respectively, with honorees from Central Kansas being Angel VonDevilish and Sweet Assassin. Plus! We added another $191 to our “Feed the Fox” half-time game fundraiser, bringing the tally to $319 raised thus far for the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

Don’t forget to check out this feature from the Independent in which some of the skaters discuss the game.

a player from Central Kansas was “kind of picking on me. I got really frustrated, so I went up and found their jammer. I launched her. Yeah, I sent her to the floor pretty hard. And I think I took the wind out of her lungs,” Moyers said. “She had to stay on the floor a little bit to regain her composure.”

Our next home game (and last one in Grand Island for the 2016 season) will be on Saturday, April 16th at 7pm in the Fonner Park Swine Arena. Get your tickets early!

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