2015 Foxy Awards

Each year we leave the skates at home for a night to celebrate accomplishments made in the previous season and show our appreciation for those special members who have made our league so successful and special.

This year we held our 4th Annual Foxy Awards ceremony, hosted by Pain ‘N the Abbi & fam, and MC-ed by Head NSO Brent Adrian. Vixens family and friends joined us to reminisce and close out the season beach style, with this year’s theme being Luau.

Check out our “Year in Review” video and see a list of all the winners below!


Rookie of the Year: Velma Vandal


Most Improved: Pain ‘N the Abbi

Best Jammer: Venus the Victorious*

*Venus also scored the most points all season (234) and the Most Points in a Single Jam (20)

Best Blocker: Cluster Chuck

Best Pivot: Kate Winslam

Wonder Bra Award: CCC-SVA

Most Dependable NSO or Volunteer: Brent Adrian

Most Knowledgeable NSO or Volunteer: Zak Johanson

Best  Volunteer: Brandon McClellen

Most Valuable Referee: XanaDude

Lieutenant Dan Award (Outstanding Officer/Committee Chairperson): Iceberg

Work Hard Play Hard (Outstanding contribution to committee or league by any member): Alexis Bleedel

Bright Eyes Award: Venus the Victorious

Mean Mugger (Best Bout Face)Iceberg

The Smackdown Award (Best Take Out)Maul knocking Soda on her ass, TWICE, and then giving her a black eye.

 Most Ridiculous Fall:  Soda after chest bumping Maul in Dickies and at the after party

Hurt So Good (Gnarliest Injury): Dame VonSlapavitch


The team would also like to recognize all of those who get suckered into helping us from our events and fundraisers to putting on bouts. We appreciate all their help!


National Anthem:  Kami Graves

Announcer:  Bill Rusk

Adam Armstrong

Miranda Scoggins

Troy Wheeler

Bonnie Van Zuuk

Sam Shoemaker

Kaitlyn Bogatz

Ashley Bogatz

Braxton Adrian

Shelli Hall Wheeler

Kelsie Scoggins

Dawn Bourbon

AJ Schick

Kathy H

Sandy V

Shelli Kenyon

Faith Cronk

Rob Boykin

Marie Mendyck

Gretchen Hunter

NSOs (Non-Skating Officials)

Brent Adrian

Zak Johansen

Dustin Dale

Ellie Peterson

Nicole Mitchell

Nate Eidem

Anthony Chalk

Nikki Sanchez

Skylar Gott

Jordan Galvan

Elias Valencia

Adam Block

Heather Morgan Turner

Gay Schuller

Lindsey Pleiss

Karen Coleman

Marni Westerhaus


Brando Commando, Platte Valley Roller Vixens

XanaDude, Platte Valley Roller Vixens

Road Hard, Platte Valley Roller Vixens

Dark Phoenix, Platte Valley Roller Vixens

Jennycide, Norfolk Brusin’ Betty’s

Prometheus, Stone Cold Foxes

Duct Tape, Salina Sirens

Terror Nova, Norfolk Brusin’ Betty’s

BoomHer, Heartland Hellcats

Lucky Strike, Stone Cold Foxes

Artemis Huntress, Stone Cold Foxes

Von Ghoul, Stone Cold Foxes

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